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I write about infidelity and how childhood affects adult relationships. Student of psychology, astrology, and life. Top writer in Infidelity.

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The married guy I loved and let go.

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People often wonder how I could split from my family.

My brother has bawled me out over this more than once.

I get it, I totally get it. From their point of view, you only make a mentally ill mother worse by running out on her. And I can see that — I can.

But, at some point, you have to consider your own needs.

I really didn’t have a family at all.

I started to understand this when I got brave enough to explain my real feelings about a career I felt stuck in. …

We’re really all in the same boat.

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How many times have I heard it?

“We shouldn’t pay people who do unskilled jobs enough to live on.”

I haven’t heard many liberals make this case. Mostly this is a conservative viewpoint, and the arguments for it are few and repetitive.

“It’s just grunt work. It isn’t fair to people who work to ‘better themselves’ if somebody just doing a grunt work job makes as much as they do. These people are just too lazy to ‘better’ themselves!”

(An aside: How, exactly, do we define “better?” Another common way American society defines “better” is by body size, shape, and…

They’re just confused about why.

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Thanks to a couple of thoughtful articles on Medium, I have now finally understood why it is that “born-again” Christians are calling Trump “Biblical” and laying hands on him, sure that “God anointed him to be president.” (And I’m quite thankful for the great articles and writers on here, because this was one question that has had me stumped for quite some time.)

Basically, what they’re saying is that, even though Trump says a lot of idiotic things on the world stage, even though he’s clearly a narcissist, even though he implies that neo-Nazis are “decent people,” and even though…

Dealing with anorgasmia and low libido in midlife.

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I guess I’ve had the gamut of sexual problems.

After having a hysterectomy and both my ovaries removed at the ripe old age of thirty-five, I’ve had issues with finding the right hormone replacement, repeated yeast and bacterial infections, and pain with intercourse.

Oh, and that was before my husband passed away from brain cancer when I was forty-five.

After my husband passed away, I had a sad emotional affair with a married man, found myself summarily dumped, and then the depression hit. Hard.

When you’re depressed, it turns out your body doesn’t work right at all.

When I went so far as to use my trusty old Eroscillator, I’d feel nothing at all — and then, as soon as I’d finally…




Why do you idiots think anybody is going to click on your bogus links??


Everyone is getting this wrong!

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Hi, everyone, The Thinking Other Woman, here.

I feel compelled to write on this topic, because even on Medium I see everyone getting this wrong.

Since some 40% of married people cheat, that’s about 40% of marriages that will be affected by an affair, right?

So, it’s crucial that we start getting this one correct.

Where Am I Getting My Information?

Since my heart got broken performing the not-so-time-honored role of The Other Woman six years ago, I have devoured information about affairs nonstop.

I’m getting this information from two sources: Certified experts who counsel people on affair-related issues, and the cheaters themselves.

(This platform has…

Don’t SPAM. You have been reported.

And, man, am I glad I did.

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash

My four-month emotional affair with a married man ended six years ago last May.

I wish I could tell you that I went triumphantly on, that I met the love of my life, that I’m happily married now, that life morphed into something wonderful.

No. Instead, here I am, a dumpy little middle-aged woman watching my skin change, my stomach balloon like the Michelin man’s, and my boobs sag. Observing the onrush of old age with apprehension.


The past six years have been brutal. I finally understood last year this person was never coming back, despite the fact that…

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