OMFG, who cares?

I didn’t realize back in college that to write, what you REALLY need is a degree in marketing. Too late.

I’m never going to sell anything, I realize that, and that’s fine. I either have a good time writing and then just let it go and forget about it, or I don’t have a good time writing, in which case just letting it go and forgetting about it before putting down another word is the best thing to do.

The fact is, I’m going to be the same demented old woman dying of heart disease or cancer in the same nursing home whether my book sold anything or not. In the final analysis, no one’s going to care, not even me.

So why stress over this stuff?

A few little people are going to write that thing, that thing, that magic thing that connects so well with so many hearts that the book just sells itself. E. L. James never did ONE lick of “marketing” and ba-bang, ba-bang-bang! Wham!

You can’t make that happen.

All you can do is be yourself, and just forget it and don’t stress over it.

It doesn’t matter anyway.

I write (sometimes) about how childhood affects adult relationships, and politics. Mostly I just read. Student of psychology, astrology, and life.

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